80-Pack: KIND Healthy Grains Vanilla Blueberry Bars

  • Guy Fieri voice: “Oh, wow! You get that blueberry-ness of the blueberry along with a nice hit of that vanilla flavor from the vanilla. That’s dynamite, brother.”
  • 5 super grains including oats, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa
  • No trans fat, no genetically engineered ingredients
  • Is it Mac compatible: Unfortunately, most current generation Macs don’t feature the snack-bar-eating mouth anymore
  • “Best by” 8/5/22
  • A “Best if Used By/Before” date indicates when a product will be of best flavor or quality
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Kind Of Great

Why did they decide to name their company KIND? Well, for a few reasons.

The first is because KIND bars are kind to your palate. Like these, for example: You get the fruity burst of blueberry along with the sweet spice of vanilla for a delicious bite that’s surprisingly good for you.

That’s another reason they’re called KIND: because they’re kind to your body. Like, in each of these blueberry vanilla bars, you get a whole bunch of super grains without any trans fat or genetically engineered ingredients.

But most importantly, KIND calls themselves KIND, because they want to make sure you understand they’re not one of those unkind snacks out there. You know what we’re talking about. Stuff like:

  • Str8 Netties: the only nettle snack That leaves the sting IN!
  • A cucumber sandwich that seems super chill but then hooks up with your significant other when you’re on a work trip
  • Kit Kat Kits: they look like Kit Kat bars but they’re actually only the materials you need to make a Kit Kat bar and a twenty-page instruction manual
  • Reese’s Big Cup with Pretzel, Potato Chip, and Bits of Unflattering Mirror
  • A Jawbreaker, but literally
  • A gum that requires access to your personal information to be chewed
  • All new ibuprofen-flavored M&Ms
  • One of those things where it looks like an old shoe, but then you cut into it and it’s a cake, but then you taste the cake and, oh, wait, it might actually be an old shoe
  • Edible Legos, which are just normal Lego pieces with some salt on them

Okay, we might’ve made up one, two, or all of those. But the point stands: KIND is kind, so be kind to yourself and buy some.

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