80-Pack: HELPS Organic Functional Herbal Teas

  • A variety of teas to help you relax, wake up, breathe, digest, and just, like, man
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  • Like, a lot less
  • Model: T34-1T-UP
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Not Exactly Liquid Cheer

Merry Christmas, everyone! To celebrate consider buying some herbal tea, the official drink of the holiday!

Now, we know what you’re thinking: there’s no friggin’ way herbal tea is the official drink of Christmas. Not a damn chance. That throne is occupied by none other than the concoction of yolk, milk, and spice known as egg nog. And we agree… most years.

Egg nog really does encompass the attitude of Christmas perfectly. It is pure indulgence. For kids, it is unadulterated sweetness, a potent mixture of sugar and nutmeg that mirrors the excess they look forward to finding under the tree. Adult egg nog also perfectly mimics what grown-ups enjoy most about the holiday season: it is a cavalcade of booze surfing in on an enormous wave of fat, a bender and a feast all in one!

To put it simply, egg nog is over the top. If consumed correctly, it can leave one with a hangover, a sugar crash, a stomach ache, and a few gastrointestinal issues to boot. This too is like Christmas. The day itself is such a high of excitement and festivity that those following are often spent in a stupor of confusion and disappointment as you come to terms with the fact that the event you’ve been so looking forward to has come and gone, and now you’ll need to wait another year to experience it again.

So, to return to where we started: egg nog is the rightful beverage of Christmas… most years.

This year? Not so much. Christmas will be a bit different. There might not be a big Yuletide meal. There probably won’t be many visitors. It’ll be you and the members of your household, and if those members don’t include small children, things might get a bit quieter than you’re used to.

And we say, that’s great! Usually, Christmas is something requires some recovery on the back end, just like egg nog. But this year, Christmas itself can be your recovery day: the day when nothing’s open, there’s nowhere to go, and nothing to except hang out in your pajamas and watch basketball and/or classic holiday movies. In this way, Christmas, for once, can be healing… like a hot mug of Helps Herbal Tea.

See, we told you!

Anyway, take care, all, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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