72-Pack: Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Energy Bar Variety

  • 80 mg of caffeine in every bar
  • Made with almond butter, peanut butter, dates, oats, rice and coffee
  • Great flavors you’ll probably love
  • Just a preposterously good price
  • Is eating your coffee subversive? About as subversive as wearing small-batch pop culture tees from Mediocritee
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Eat Your Coffee

Okay seriously, what the hell. Why isn’t there more caffeinated food?

It’s genius, really. Quit getting all your caffeine from liquid coffee, where you’ll inevitably guzzle cup after cup until you’re so hopelessly over-caffeinated that you start looking for a giraffe you can punch in the throat. Instead, you could be eating a reasonable and modest bar for a much more moderated effect.

Not only does it balance all that C8H10N4O2 with some good stuff like protein and fiber, but it’s going to generally slow you down and keep you from overdoing it. We haven’t tested it personally, but we’re pretty sure that if you tried to eat too many of these in one sitting you’d feel like garbage long before you overdid it on the caffeine.

Besides, for those of you who rely on that steady drip of legal stimulants to get through the day, accidentally ingesting a few vitamins and calories along with your drug of choice might not be the worst idea. Each bar gives you as much of a boost as a typical cup of coffee, and if you think that seems like not quite enough, well…we aren’t saying that you could dunk your coffee bars into your actual coffee, but we’re not NOT saying that either.

The only usual downsides for something like this are that they either taste really lousy or they cost way too much.

As for the taste? These are tasty. Kind of like Larabars as they’re made with nearly the same ingredients, plus coffee. There’s a bunch of flavors and if you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll probably be a fan of these.

And the price? Well…yikes, actually. At least if you’re paying retail. You can pretty easily shell out like $3 a piece for these, which honestly isn’t that appealing. But for about 50 cents each? Holy crap, now you’re talking.

So yeah.

Do eat your coffee.

Don’t pay $3 a bar to eat your coffee.

Order here, is what we’re saying.

Now is fine.

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