6-Pack: WithCo Cocktail Mixers

  • Hey Girl tastes like cucumber, mint, and lime
  • #Sweaterweather tastes like fall spices, and apple cider
  • Bouquet tastes like lemon, lavender, and rose water
  • Best By dates coming up in late March/early April on the Hey Girl & Bouquet, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna go rancid or anything
  • These are glass bottles… shampoo doesn’t come in glass bottles!
  • Can they make margaritas: Sigh
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We Already Know They Look Like Shampoo

We sold these fairly recently. And we’re selling them again. Why? Because we still have some, and because the “best by” dates are coming up. (Which, as we’ve stated many times before is NOT an expiration date, but rather a suggestion of when to consume something by if you want to experience the flavors before they start to mellow.)

Here’s a quick recap of the cocktail mixers we have on offer:

  • Hey Girl (cucumber, mint, lime)
  • #Sweaterweather (fall spices, apple cider)
  • Bouquet (lemon, lavender, rose water [AKA the most dangerous GBBO ingredient ever])

Now, we did what we usually do in a case like this. We went back to the previous sale and looked to see if anyone had posted a review worth highlighting here. And, after scrolling through roughly 50 comments noting that the packaging (and, fair enough, a number of the ingredients) make them seem like shampoo, we did find this helpful tidbit from @benoit36:

The ingredients are decent and it is much easier to buy this than mix your own. I was gifted some mixers over Christmas that had tons of food coloring and other junk added to it. For full price, probably not worth it. For only a couple $ per bottle, great deal!

A totally fair assessment, right? So we went looking for more like it, only to stumble across this comment:

Don’t buy cocktail mixers. We aren’t living in the 1980s. You can afford to make your cocktails the right way. You don’t need a denim apron and a fancy shaker. You need booze, bitters, sugar (simple syrup), and quality ice. Good ice is key. Camper’s directional freezing method is a game changer for the home enthusiast (alcoholic). If your preferred cocktail requires fruit juice or oleo saccharum make it yourself. Commercial cocktail mixers are bad and if you use them you should feel bad. Insert Zoidberg meme.

And honestly, we can think of no better way to sell mixers than using this little screed in a “scared straight” approach: you should buy these for the sole purpose that doing so will keep you from becoming the kind of person who writes things like “Camper’s directional freezing method” with neither irony nor shame in the comments section of a deal site.

But seriously, if you tried any of these, let us know how they are. And remember: we already know they look like shampoo.

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