6-Pack: Victor Crunchy Pet Treats

  • Super premium dog treats in a variety of flavors
  • No gluten anywhere in these things
  • Featuring a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support healthy metabolism immune system, digestion, skin, and coat
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but you can grind them up and use them as a dusting on the rim and oh oops we just threw up
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You put the phrase “super premium dog food” on your packaging, and you best deliver. Which is exactly what Victor does. They make premium gluten-free dog treats in a variety of flavors, each one with their proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support a strong metabolism and immune system, as well as healthy digestion, skin, and coat.

And the reviews? They’re good. Also, since dog people are involved, kinda weird.

Take this little tidbit from a review of the lamb treats:

My two dogs love these after their early morning walks ( 1:30 am ).

It was important enough for this reviewer to mention the bizarre walk hour, but they go on to provide ZERO elaboration as to why they’re up walking their dogs that early (or late).

A little down the page, you get this 3-star assessment:

My 3 yr old great dane was excited when smelling bag to pick which flavor she wanted to eat 1st. I like that the scent is very mild and not overpowering / nauseous. (A different brand was so strong i had to hold breath every time bag opened.) However the treats are much harder than I expected and there’s no suggested treat/serving on package. However these treats still make a great reward and are the perfect size for tricks (can easily place on nose).

So, they don’t smell gross. Good. They are hard. Bad. But clearly not too hard for the dog to eat. Good. And perfectly nose-sized (for a three-year-old Dane). Cool.

Meanwhile, on the chicken treats page, the only user review we can find is someone giving them two stars because their dog had an allergic reaction to them. Which is, very simply, not the treats’ fault. Like, we feel pretty confident that Victor’s aforementioned proprietary blend does not include itch powder.

In conclusion, these treats are good, and dog people need to chill out.

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