6-Pack: Sola Low Carb Gluten-Free Granola (11 oz bag)

  • Sweet? Check!
  • Keto-friendly? Check!
  • Good for putting on yogurt? Check!
  • Available in single or assorted flavors? Check!
  • And now, we’ve run out of exclamation points
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it could dust the rim of the worst margarita ever
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One or More Flavors

We’ve sold this stuff before, on here and on SideDeal.

Last time we offered it as a SideDeal daily deal and posted about it to the forum, we received this comment from @dadozer:

If I could get 2 bags of each flavor I’d buy it

And when we offered it during a Meh-ration last month @earmstrong made a similar point:

Assortments would be more tempting for these large-quantity orders: it’s the same predicament with the Corn-Nut knock-offs and others. I’m guessing they are more of a hassle to pick and pack than the best mediocre warehouse liquidator is willing to undertake.

This makes sense to us. Variety is the spice of life. And lack of variety is a great way to start hating something you usually enjoy. Everyone who’s ever made a big pan of lasagna knows this. Day one, eating fresh lasagna, you’re like, “Wow, why don’t we make lasagna more often?” Day four of lasagna leftovers, you start thinking about building a time machine so that you might go back and murder the inventor of lasagna before they have a chance to combine sheet noodles, cheese, tomato sauce, and ground meat.

What we’re saying is, @earmstrong is right: we should offer an assortment to make this Sola Granola more enticing.

But @earmstrong is right about another thing, too: since we don’t receive these granola bags in variety packs, it’s hard to sell them in variety packs. Hence, today, you see a price range. For $24, you can get a 6-pack of one flavor of Sola Granola bags. For $29, you can get an assorted 6-pack of Sola Granola bags. The reason for this up-sell has nothing to do with rare premium flavors or anything. It’s just that, to make an assorted pack, we literally need to tear boxes open and re-combine the bags. And we think that’s worth $5.

In conclusion: this stuff is low carb, apparently, so buy it and be sorta healthy.

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