6-Pack: Sola Low Carb Gluten-Free Granola (11 oz bag)

  • It’s Keto-friendly, but it’s sweet? HOW?!? (Some artificial sweeteners)
  • 14g-16g of protein and only 4g of net carbs per bowl (except for that Double Chocolate, that’ll run you 5g net carbs)
  • Eat it on its own or put it on your yogurt
  • Sola recently changed their packaging, so that’s why you’re getting a deal here
  • Can it make a margarita: no, but it could possibly coat the rim of the world’s most annoying margarita
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The Key To Keto

Whenever something claims to be sweet and tasty and high in protein yet, at the same time, low in carbs and sugar, you have to wonder: how? Or, more accurately: what? As in: what makes this possible?

Luckily, someone asked exactly this over on the Amazon page:

What is it sweetened with?

And they received this handy answer from user bayou:

My package of Vanilla Almond says Erythritol, monk fruit extract and stevia leaf extract. I think the level of sweetness is perfect. Usually I have issues with erythiritol giving a cooling sensation but I don’t get that in this granola. Maybe it is the mix of sweeteners? I love the taste of it. My daughter who doesn’t does follow a low carb diet loves it as well. In fact, I bought her some “regular” full carb granola and she didn’t want it. She wanted the Sola.

So, there you have it!

Also, quick tangent: hidden in there is something we wish more companies would realize. It’s that line about “the level of sweetness.” Artificial sweeteners work a lot better when the goal is “somewhat sweet.” But so many “diet” food/beverage makers dump whole vats of the stuff in their product, which is when you get the real intense chemical flavor.

At any rate, it would seem many agree with bayou and their daughter because the reviews are very good. Like 4.5 out of 5 based on more than 3000 reviews good. In terms of what people like about it, it’s varied.

Rachel Konsella thinks it’s great for people on the Keto diet:

The Best Keto Granola out there

Sarah Eversole, meanwhile, says it’s good for topping yogurt:

Love this granola over my Greek yogurt. Just a little sprinkle is just enough and taste so good.

Richard Taft, on the other hand, offers the interesting opinion that it’s great for people on the Keto diet:

All the Sola granolas are great for keto.

And then finally, there’s this anonymous Amazon customer who comes out of left field with a wild hot take about how it’s good for topping yogurt:

I really love this product because it’s low in carbs, very tasty and it adds the perfect crunch to my yogurt

Talk about groupthink, huh? Such a typical US echo chamber! Luckily, there are some international reviews, like this one from Mexico:

Gran opción para dieta keto. El sabor combina perfecto con yogurt y la textura se mantiene. Dura muchísimo

The copywriter in charge of this doesn’t speak Spanish, but we’re sure it’s a fresh, exciting perspective!

Anyway, get some granola.

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