6-Pack: Philips Sonicare W3 Premium White Replacement Toothbrush Heads

  • Remember when you bought that super cheap Philips Sonicare brush from us?
  • Well, you can put these on it
  • 6 will last a long time
  • The toothbrush is on SideDeal if you don’t have one
  • What would Philips call a line of electric combs: Sonic-hair
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Get Ahead! Or Six!

A new Sonic toothbrush is a lot like a new car.

You have the best intentions when you first get it.

With the car, it’s: “I’m going to make sure to get this serviced regularly. I’m going to take good care of it. I’m going to wash it frequently. I’m not going to leave a bunch of Starbucks cups and La Croix cans in the cup holders and then toss them in the backseat to make room for more.”

With a toothbrush, it’s: “I’m going to keep this thing clean. I’m going to charge it as soon as I get the low battery warning. And above all else, I’m going to replace the brush heads regularly to ensure my teeth get the best brushing possible.”

But eventually, things start to go downhill.

You track mud into the car. Or spill coffee and don’t have time to clean it up. A sheen of dust settles on the center console and the dash, and what are you supposed to do? Go inside and get the duster and wipe everything down on a random afternoon? When you could be doing something else? Something like, say, not detailing the inside of your car?

The toothbrush is easier to keep clean. But then, there’s the brush head issue. You diligently follow the schedule until, eventually, you run out of the replacement heads the brush came with. Then, somehow, it’s a year later, that last brush is WRECKED, but you keep using it because, what? You’re going to buy more heads? Uh, those things aren’t cheap, you know?

Unless you’re shopping on Meh on Monday, September 4th, 2023. Today. Then, they’re suddenly super affordable. We’re talking 6 for $34.99 (which sounds like a lot, actually, until you consider a) 6 will last you a long time, and b) you’d pay nearly double that if you bought these on Amazon).

So maybe a car isn’t like a new Sonic toothbrush? Because we don’t sell car detailing sessions on Meh?

Whatever. Buy some brush heads, okay?

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