12-Pack: GreenTech purePower LED Dimmable Light Bulbs

  • You know how night is all dark and stuff? These help with that!
  • Dimmable, so you can set the mood, by dimming them
  • Got a variety of bulbs here, from the li’l bois to the big-bigs
  • Those are light industry terms
  • Model: D1M-TUNC4N
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Dark Days Ahead

When’s the best time to buy light bulbs?

Right now.

And we mean that in two ways. First, we’re talking free of all context. Because if you think about it, the best time to buy some new bulbs is not when a bulb burns out; it’s before a bulb burns out. And unless you’re reading this in the year 2355 when either a) we’ve finally cracked the code and made an everlasting lightbulb, or b) the world has been cast into a total blackout by some unforeseen disaster, then “right now” is, technically speaking, a time before a bulb somewhere in your house burns out.

See what we’re saying here?


But also, just to be clear: “right now” is the best time to buy these bulbs. As in, today. Wednesday. September 29th. 2021.

You’ve probably noticed that the temperatures have gone from blisteringly hot to pretty hot to nice and warm by now. Hell, in some places, they’ve even reached that pleasantly cool stage where you can wear your summer or fall wardrobe with only mild shivering or perspiration, respectively. In other words, it’s the most delightful time of the year, weather-wise.

It also means that the days are getting shorter. Soon, we will be plunged into midnight-level darkness by, like, three or four in the afternoon. That means we won’t be able to rely on the sunlight gently cascading through the windows to set the mood. No, we’re going to have to set that mood ourselves. And what’s the best way to do that? With some good dimmable lights.

(Which is to say nothing about having lights outside, because along with the darkness of winter comes a variety of treacheries that hide within it. Like ice.)

And so, in conclusion, you must buy these bulbs. Right now.

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