5-Pack: Paincakes Stickable Reusable Cold Packs (3x Large, 2x Mini)

  • Freeze it, peel it, stick it (these are not lyrics from that Daft Punk song, but rather instructions for use!)
  • According to Amazon reviews, they are legit sticky
  • Works on your skin or over your clothes
  • Can be stuck multiple times
  • Their favorite Charlotte Brontë novel: Pain Eyre
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Back Pain Be Gone(ish)

Now, these things are for more than just back pain. You can put them wherever you’re feeling achy.

But let’s focus on that back pain for a minute.

Because back pain is the worst of all the minor pains. Like, you tweak an ankle, and it stinks. You jam a finger, it’s annoying. Knee stiffness, elbow discomfort, all that stuff sucks, but you can deal with it. Or, more accurately, you can NOT deal with it. You can minimize impact to and use of the given area, frustrating though it may be.

But a tweaked back? You’re uncomfortable all the time! Standing up? Miserable! Sitting? Terrible! Laying down? Better but still not as relaxing as it should be.

With a bum ankle or a stiff knee, you can walk less. But a bum back? What are you going to do? Cut down on existing as a being that takes up physical space? Getting up off the couch to pop leftovers in the microwave for dinner or do the dishes is enough to leave you in agony.

What you need is something that mitigates the pain without any effort on your part. That’s what these Paincakes are.

You freeze them. You peel off the label. And then you stick them to wherever the pain is, and they provide that brisk icy relief you’re looking for. There’s no holding, no wrapping, nothing. So you can stick one on your tweaked back and make whatever menial task you have on your to-do list just a bit less excruciating.

And that, we think, is worth at least $19.

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