5-Pack: Men's and Women's Knit Caps

  • Hats, ever heard of em?
  • You get five!
  • That’s a hat for every member of your band, even if you had a keyboard player
  • Warm and stylish
  • Model: H4T5-4LL-TH3R3-15-T0-1T
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Wear Them

In honor of these Men’s and Women’s Knit caps (you know, for if you need some extra hats this winter) and “Sarcasm and Sincerity” (two delightful cheeky designs that promote being yourself, available now from Mediocritee), we present:

An Absolutely Amazing Joke (we’re being sarcastic)

Thus concludes:

An Absolutely Amazing Joke (really, we know it’s bad)

And don’t forget: these designs are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!

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