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5.11 Tactical Men's Insulator Weather Resistant Jacket

  • A jacket made of only the finest tacticals
  • Actually it’s 62% nylon, 38% polyester and DWR (durable water resistant) treated
  • Basically, it’s a warm jacket that’s not too bulky
  • Speaking of bulk, here’s a sizing chart
  • Model: 78006-890; the first part of that is a zip code for outside of San Antonio, where, honestly, there probably are a few people who wear tactical stuff
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Words Mean Nothing

What is a tactical jacket?

My honest answer to that question is, who friggin’ cares?

Seriously. Like, do you know what a tactical jacket is and want one? Great. Here’s one. Do you not know what a tactical jacket is but need a warm jacket that’s not too bulky? Great. This is one of those. Don’t know what a tactical jacket is and don’t want to buy a jacket? Great. You’re free to leave.

Part of the problem is ‘tactical’ has not attained the level of ubiquity that other clothing descriptors benefit from. Like, if you buy basketball shorts, the cashier isn’t going to ask you who you play for. And if you wear yoga pants, nobody’s going to be like, “Heading to the studio?” Tennis shoes are worn by all sorts of people who’ve never even picked up a racquet. And have you ever seen a carpenter in board shorts?

Oh. Wait. Really? That kind of board? It makes so much more sense now!

Point is: we ignore words with concrete meaning constantly while shopping for clothing, but only after years of saying those words over and over again until they lose all meaning. ‘Tactical’ isn’t there yet. You hear ‘tactical jacket’ and you think, hmm, thanks but no thanks, I just checked my schedule and I don’t have any raids coming up because it sounds like something that could only be worn by an IRL Tom Clancy character.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re wearing one over some sort of kevlar vest or a delightfully silly tee from Mediocritee, this jacket will do what it’s supposed to do. Which is keep you warm without looking super big and frumpy.

(And that, friends, is how you get out of explaining what a tactical jacket is.)

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