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48-Pack: Lotus Biscoff & GO Cookie Butter Snack Packs

  • There aren’t any cookies here
  • There are breadsticks and Biscoff cookie butter
  • What is Biscoff cookie butter? It’s basically ground-up cookies (and it’s delicious)
  • Best by April 2024, but it’s freakin’ cookie butter
  • Are these Mac compatible: For sure, just smear the cookie butter right into the charging port for best results
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Better Than Butter

They’re not cookies. They’re breadsticks packed with a little tub of cookie butter. In other words, something like an adult Dunkaroo.

If you somehow don’t know what “cookie butter” is, it’s simple. Basically, someone took the same grind-it-up-and-call-it-a-butter principle that gave the world peanut butter and used it for evil, mashing together Biscoff cookies into a spreadable substance. In essence, cookie butter is to peanut butter what a midwestern “salad” of marshmallows, Jello, and pretzels is to a Nicoise.

Now, just to clarify, when we say that cookie butter is evil, we don’t mean that as a judgment of its flavor. Or, actually, we do. As in: it’s evil how fucking good this shit tastes.

And therein lies the two main selling points of today’s deal:

  1. Cookie butter is delicious.
  2. Cookie butter is, perhaps, too delicious.

As evidence, we direct you over to Amazon (where these earn a 4.6 out of 5, based on more than 1400 ratings). The first review you’ll find is this one from user India who gave them 5 stars:

I love cookie butter I can literally eat it by the jar! I don’t really care for the bread sticks but they are not nasty I just usually dip chessmen cookies or something like that in my cookie butter. Great for on the go snack worth the money.

There it is, right there. “I can literally eat it by the jar!” In other words, if you buy a jar of cookie butter, you simply cannot trust yourself to ration it out in any even vaguely responsible way. These? They do it for you. And yes, we know: we’re selling a 48-pack, so you could just grab a second one, but opening up a whole other thing carries a bit more psychological weight than telling yourself, “Just one more spoonful.”

As for the bit about the breadsticks, all we have to say to this person is: India, those are there to protect you. Just like it’s not a good idea to sub in more vodka for the lime and ginger beer parts of a Moscow mule because they’re not contributing to your buzz, it might not be super great to dip sugar in more sugar.

But hey, you do you, India! And why don’t you–that’s right, you–do you too, and buy some cookie butter go packs.

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