48-Pack: KIND Bar Dark Chocolate Variety (24 Nut & Sea Salt / 24 Peanut Butter)

  • Kind Bars are really good and they’re usually much pricier than this
  • You get 24 of the nut and sea salt kind and 24 of the peanut butter kind
  • Have some not terrible snacks around for the coming holiday season of indulgence
  • Model: K1ND-0F-4-816-D34L
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It's For You

Are these Kind Bars a good thing to hand out for Halloween? Not really. Like, you could if you wanted to. But you’re spending $24 for 48 bars, and while that’s a great deal for what you’re getting, you probably want to be dishing out less than 50 cents per piece when it comes to Halloween candy. Also, while they’re “full-sized,” they’re a little too adult-looking to get the kids excited.

(But definitely keep your eyes on the site for something you can hand out to trick-or-treaters in the coming days. Or, we should say, in the coming day. What we’re telling you is that we’re going to sell some perfect Halloween-ready treats tomorrow.)

So who are these for then?

They’re for you, silly!

This past Friday we sold holiday-themed bathroom deodorizers. In the write-up for that product, for reasons we won’t go into here, we discussed how Halloween marks the beginning of a two-month stretch of total indulgence. You’ll eat candy. You’ll eat hearty stews. You’ll eat deep-fried turkey. You’ll eat pecan pie. You’ll eat sugar cookies. You’ll eat latkes and brisket. You’ll eat petits fours. You’ll eat goose. All while your various cups will overfloweth with pumpkin ale, peppermint latte, hot cocoa, nog, and champagne.

To counter all that decadence, you’re going to want some snacks around that are:

A. not absolutely garbage for you; but also…
B. tasty enough to satisfy the part of you that wants (and expects) something a little rich, so that you’ll be less likely to have a super unhealthy post-snack snack.

These are that. They’re sweet and they’re delicious and they’re not just an ungodly amalgamation of sugar, flour, and fat.

So get them, and indulge with intelligence.

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