4-Pack: Zesty Paws Dog Treats (360 Soft Chews)

  • 360 treats for your furry friend
  • Don’t worry about the best-by dates; your dogs won’t care
  • Best by 8/30/24
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Twinning: a 2-pack Meh-rathon

Jane took her seat in the spacecraft, the Gemini-5000, awaiting permission to blast off. It was tiny, with only four seats in a cramped cockpit. “Okay,” Collins said over the intercom. “Apparently, there’s a brief video you have to watch before you can fly.”

“But we did the crash course!” Jane said.

“Can we please not use the c-word,” Collins said, over the headset.

“The tutorial,” Jane said.

“Better,” Collins said, over the headset. “Anyway, Youssef says it’s very informative.”

“But I don’t have time,” Jane said. “Is there any override?”

“I’ll check,” Collins said over the headset. “For now just watch.”

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