4-Pack: Primula Insulated Hydration

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  • Cold drinks are better cold
  • These things will do that
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Keep The Tempo (or, Actually Temperature)

Nobody likes to go for that last swallow of coffee, expecting something hot and delicious, only to get a nasty room temperature mouthful. And nobody wants the frozen margarita that’s been sitting out for 45 minutes so that it’s basically a margaritamericano.

No way. Drinks are served at a certain temperature because they taste better that way. And with these Primula insulated beverage vessels, your drinks will stay the right temperature for longer.

We’re talking water bottles and two types of cups. And while they may seem like they’re primarily for pedestrian stuff like water or coffee or tea, we’ll tell you this: they’re also great for keeping cocktails cold so you can sit on the deck sipping away without worrying about ice melt.

Now, if that sounds like a good time, only you can’t decide what cocktail to make, don’t worry! We have some suggestions. These are three of our current favorite summer mixed drinks:

The Ver-moo-th Chiller: Three parts dry vermouth, two parts milk, shake with ice, drink as quickly as possible so as not to taste it.

Bjorn to Rum: One part rum, two parts Brämhults juice of choice, consume sitting in a bondholmen while listening to The Boss.

Lemonth Heaven: One part limoncello, one part lemonade, one part a very special episode.

Of course, if you’ve got your own cocktail ideas to contribute, be sure to drop them in the comments. Otherwise, get a 4-pack of these Primula Insulated beverage vessels and keep your drinks the temperature they were meant to be for longer!

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