4-Pack: Paradise Low Voltage Outdoor Integrated LED Landscape Floodlights

  • Each one is 350 lumens
  • They’re LEDs, which means they don’t use much power
  • Light up your beautiful garden and landscaping before the world turns gray and dead-looking in a month or two
  • Just stake them into the ground and adjust the swivel head
  • Do they illuminate the butts of terrifying creatures: only if you point them at these shirts from Mediocritee
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More Of These!

Here’s the gist: they’re low voltage lights you can easily spike into the ground to highlight landscape/garden/architectural features at night. But you probably already knew that. Because we’ve sold them a couple times before.

Last time, user @jonmeh hopped in the comments and said:

“…I bought 2 sets [the first time they were sold]. They are quite nice really. Good quality and work very well. The lights are bright and the automatic timers/transformers work great. Very happy with the purchase. Saved a bundle. A whole different (better) league than solar lights.”

We know, we know. The name “jonmeh” sounds like a poorly disguised @snapster burner account. But we promise it isn’t. (That would be @snapsterbutwithglassesandamustache.)

No, @jonmeh is a real user, and we wanted to highlight their comment for two reasons:

  1. It’s a nice succinct endorsement of the product, and…

  2. It highlights the conundrum buyers face when a sale like this comes around.

You can either buy a few and hope they work out, or else buy the bare minimum and hope you find them again if they’re great.

@jonmeh chose the former. Based on the pie charts at the bottom of the pages for the previous two sales, most others chose the latter: just a single four-pack, barely enough to illuminate a set of ornate hedges.

So, if you’ve been looking to add a few more of these lights to your backyard at a cheap price, here’s your chance. Or if your neighbor has seen yours and been like, “Whoa, those look nice! Where’d you get them?” here’s your chance to earn some good neighbor points by passing along this sweet deal.

It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that someone buys these damn lights.

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