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3-Pack Vremi 16oz Insulated Water Bottles

  • Choose a 3-pack: you get 3 black bottles, or 1 red bottle, 1 blue bottle, and 1 black bottle.
  • Will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.
  • Honestly, it’s kind of excessive, right?
  • No condensation means you can tell your parents, “Actually mom and dad, I will NOT be using a coaster, thank you!”
  • Model: VRM020300N. Half vrooom-sound. Half moon. All bottle.
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The Future Of Bottles

Paul sat at his desk in his cluttered college dorm room. He plugged his ethernet cable into his Compaq laptop and loaded the site his friend had given him, watching as the badgers multiplied and danced, interrupted occasionally by a mushroom and even less occasionally by a snake.

He’d been watching it for nearly five minutes, mesmerized, when a glow from the other side of his room caught his attention. It grew brighter and brighter, and then what looked like a hole opened, through which stepped a man who appeared to be in his mid thirties.

“What the hell!” Paul cried

“Paul!” said the man “Don’t be alarmed! I’m not here to hurt you. To do so would only hurt me. For Paul, I am you! From the future! And I have come to tell you what life is like in the year 2019!”

“Really?” Paul closed his laptop. “You’re from 2019?”

“That’s right, Paul!” said future Paul. “It’s a strange, entirely different time.”

“How so?” Paul asked.

Future Paul pointed to the Dasani bottle on his desk. “Did you just buy that?”

Paul shook his head. “I bought it a day ago and I’ve been refilling it from the water cooler in the student center.”

“See, that would never happen in 2019, Paul! In 2019 we all have cool, durable water bottles!”

“Like a Nalgene?”

“Like a Nalgene on steroids!” Future Paul said. “I’m talking about 16oz vacuum sealed Vremi bottles that’ll keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours! I’m talking about bottles on which there is nary a drop of condensation, allowing you to place them down on any surface without fear of water damage!”

“Huh,” Paul said.

“Aren’t you impressed?” Future Paul asked.

“I guess when you said it was a different time, that you meant, like, that there would be hover boards, and robot assistants, and that everything, even your fridge, would be connected to the internet.”

“Oh, wait, all that’s actually happening in 2019 too,” Future Paul said.

Paul threw up his arms. “But you open with a thing about water bottles? Seriously, dude, you’re really bad at getting people hyped.”

Future Paul stepped to Paul and put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. “No, Paul,” he said. “We’re really bad at getting people hyped!”

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