3-Pack: Unicorn Head Slime (Assorted Colors)

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Hey, Joe here. I used to run the Meh warehouse, but now? Well, I’ve taken over the whole site! So, stick around for a fun day of deals, delights, and dolls! (Seriously, though, there will be lots and lots of terrifying dolls.)

Wow, this whole running a website thing is a lot of work. I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Like, literally: these were in the bottom of a mysterious barrel sent to the warehouse. There was no shipping label attached, and no buyers remember ordering it. It just showed up one day.

But we’re sure everything that was in it is fine and definitely not cursed!

So far today...

  • 60355 of you visited.
  • 44% on a phone, 3% on a tablet.
  • 565 clicked meh
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And you bought...

  • 79 of these.
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  • That’s $513 total.
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