3-Pack: Bell + Howell Multi-Light with Magnetic Pickup Extension

  • They can work as a lamp or a flashlight
  • They sit flat and have a magnetic base
  • Extendable magnetic wand for picking up screws and stuff
  • How do these celebrate cats and/or Halloween: they don’t, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you better head over to Mediocritee
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Good, Functional

The companies making these infomercial-ready as-seen-on-TV-style products? They get it right sometimes.

Not all the time. No sir. There are plenty of products out there where it just seems like someone pulled a casino lever, and a few random functions spun into place. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that brews pod coffee and vibrates your abs. It’s an air fryer that counts your steps and charges your phone. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner that diffuses essential oils and features ten unique white noise settings.

And sure, none of these things exist, but you get what we’re saying, right? Not every product needs to have multiple functions. And if it does, they ought to make sense together.

That’s what you get here.

First of all, they’re lights. Boom. Functional.

Second of all, they sit flat and have magnetic bases. That’s really nice, actually. It means you don’t need to hold onto them. You can put them down, or you can attach them to something metal nearby. So, if, for example, you need to check for a blown breaker, you can just slap one on the breaker box door and go to work with both hands.

Thirdly, they each have a weird extendable magnet thing for picking up screws and stuff. Now, this is one of those features that’ll make you roll your eyes when you read about it. And then you’ll get these things and use it constantly. Because there’s nothing more annoying than getting down on your hands and knees trying to grab a dropped screw.

Finally, there’s a flashlight built in.

See? That’s all useful stuff! So get a three-pack! And use them!

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