3-Pack: Bell + Howell Clever Grip Max Portable Phone Mount

  • Clip them to the air vent in your car
  • Then put your phone in
  • They can turn and stuff
  • Yep, that about covers it
  • These are pretty, so do you have anything for people who are more into… stranger things: We sure do, over on Mediocritee
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Mount Up

When you write copy for Meh, there are some times when you look at what you’re working with and you think… shit. Not because it’s complicated. If something’s complicated, that’s easy! You just explain it! The harder products are the ones like today’s: those items that are so straightforward and simple that you’re like, how do I write more than ten words about this thing (aside from, you know, doing a big long stupid meta intro about how you don’t know what to write)?

That was the conundrum I was facing earlier until I realized there’s an infomercial showcasing the product’s many great qualities. Which means: it’s time for some GIFs!

Basically, what we’ve got here is a universal mount with adjustable holders that can conform to your phone’s size. So, you clip the mount to the air vent like this:

And then you click your phone in, like this:

And turn it, like this:

Plus, you can use it in the house like this:

Were these GIFs helpful? Not really. These things are pretty basic. You probably didn’t need any visuals to understand them.

But did these GIFs take up space that would otherwise need to be filled with words? Yes, they certainly did!

Anyway, get a grip. Or three.

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