I’m not interested in discussing politics one way or the other or having a debate. I don’t think we need to do that here. I just think people may not be aware/paying attention to such a basic bill cause we just assume vets should be covered. And SO much has been going on for so long. So just a PSA.

Here is the bill if you disagree with the bill that’s fine we don’t need to fight about it.

The bill to fund the VA was previously voted 84/14 by the Senate but is now being blocked by the Senate.

Here is what happened. NPR is usually fact based so not picking a media outlet. You can look elsewhere.

Here is the American legions feelings on what happened‘absolutely-unacceptable’

And the VFW

You can find much more impassioned pleas from family members/vets.

All I’m saying is look at the bill, decide if you agree or disagree with it, and if your senator, regardless of party, is not doing what you think they should be doing, let them know.