3-Pack 100 or 300 Piece Puzzles for Kids

  • A variety of 3-packs to choose from
  • Some assembly required
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • For children (or adults who want an ego boost after a large punishing puzzle)
  • Bundle option ONE features Glow-in-the-dark puzzles for some night puzzlin’ action
  • Model: H0T-PUZZ
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Here’s what we’ve got here: some puzzles. For kids. Yep. They’re definitely puzzles. For kids. Because no adult would take on something as simple as a 100 to 300 piece puzzle. Right? Certainly not. Right?

Okay, can I just be real honest here? Like so many, my wife and I have, during these strange times, become bird people. Over the last several months, we have acquired an array of flat feeders, tube feeders, finch feeders, suet feeders, and hummingbird feeders. We even have an oriole feeder with pegs for orange slices and a bowl for grape jelly. We love our birds. So we thought why not combine this new obsession with another popular stay-at-home hobby?

What I’m saying is we bought a big puzzle that shows a bunch of the very birds who frequent our backyard all sitting together at a bird bath. And we took it home. And we cleared off the dining table. And we dumped all the pieces out. And we got started.

This was a couple weeks ago.

Now, we simply set our placemats down, their surfaces lumpy and uneven from all the unsorted pieces under them. At night, we work. Occasionally we will fit a few pieces together and feel a rush of satisfaction. Other times, we will try the same two pieces over and over again without realizing it. Or we’ll cry conspiracy, thinking there’s clearly a piece missing–or, no! Not missing! But rather purposefully left out by a demented puzzle maker dead set on seeing us go mad–only to find it a day later.

Which is all to say, yes, I understand these puzzles offered here today are for children. They even say ages 4+ on the boxes. But much as there is no cure like the simplicity of the Monday crossword for the sense of failure one feels leaving a Sunday half-finished, so too could these puzzles serve us.

For when our bird puzzle is done (or not done) and put away, we can set out one of these, assemble it quickly, and feel like geniuses.

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