24-Pack: Bell + Howell Storage Wrap Cord Organizers

  • You get a bunch of different sizes
  • Just coil your cords and let these keep them in place
  • Simple but very useful
  • Here’s an infomercial for a 12-pack
  • Type of car they drive: Honda Ac-cord
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Corral Your Cords

What these can help you organize:

  • Your various charging cables
  • Your extension cords in the garage/basement
  • Your Christmas lights
  • Your Christmas garlands
  • Your spare garden hoses
  • That super long cord for your coffee machine that annoyingly winds all over the counter
  • The wild fray behind the television
  • Your collection of frighteningly realistic super long rubber snakes
  • Your collection of completely un-realistic super long rubber snakes
  • That long tube thing that came with something you can’t quite remember but you don’t want to throw it away because what if you need it for something?
  • Just about anything long and pliable

What these things can’t help you organize:

  • Your email inbox
  • The stuff in your garage that’s not extension cords
  • Your thoughts on how cinema should balance artistic merit and entertainment value
  • The contents of your fridge (unless the problem is you have too many comically long sausage links in there, in which case these might actually help)
  • Your complicated teenage love life, which only seems to get more complicated by the day, and is especially bad now, right before the big football game no less, the one all the recruiters are going to attend and which might just be your only ticket out of this one-horse town
  • Your throwing star collection
  • Pretty much anything that’s not long and pliable

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