24-Pack BANG in More Flavors

  • Remember that time we sold Bang drinks in one flavor and you liked them?
  • This is like that, but with more flavors
  • No sugar, no carbs, no calories lots of caffeine
  • Model: TH4T-D4N6-84N6
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Bang Goes The Dynamite

For today’s sale, we are honored to be joined by legendary NBA broadcaster, Mike Breen.

Now, Mike, tell us: when you’re looking for a serious pick-me-up, where do you turn? We’re talking something with a bunch of caffeine but none of that nasty sugar that causes you to crash in the mid-afternoon.

Oh, wow! Thanks, Mike! We really appreciate the enthusiasm. But what about those of us who are trying to take this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to diet a little bit? What’s something to get us amped without weighing us down with a bunch of carbs and calories? Something with zeros in those categories would be especially helpful. Anything come to mind?

Oh, nice! But, Mike, as we’re sure you’re aware, some people out there aren’t on a special diet just to get right and tight. No, people eat the way they eat for all sorts of reasons. For example, some might choose to be vegan due to ethical concerns. Whereas others might suffer from a gluten allergy. Can you think of any energy drinks that would work for people in these categories?

Whoa! So, it’s Bang three out of three times!

Well, Mike Breen has spoken, folks. Bang energy drinks are great and you should buy some.

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