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  • An optimistic bottle of wine that’s still very 2021
  • Yes, we released a wine
  • No, it isn’t our first
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  • Model: 4LM05T
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Cheer Is (Almost) Here

The pandemic made for some strange times and keeping busy has been important.

A lot of people got really into making bread. Others carefully curated the things you could see behind them on a Zoom call. Some learned to make wine.

Since making a decent sourdough is surprisingly tricky and nobody is going to believe that one more person just happens to have a guitar hanging on the wall behind their desk, we leaned into the wine thing.

For that, it was really a tossup between getting one of those DIY kits or partnering with an actual vintner and coming out with our own signature label.

Okay, typing that out just now does make it seem like overkill.

Still, though…no regrets. And because all this madness is dragging deep into a second year, we’ve actually managed to roll out two different quarantine-themed wines. Today’s deal is on the second one.

We like to think of it as a gently optimistic nod to a hopefully-not-too-far-off future where carefree holiday gatherings and other bits of human contact that we used to take for granted are actually a thing again.

If you like the sound of that, maybe grab a bottle or two. Heck, perhaps you’ll even be able to bring it to a party. It’ll be the most elegantly apropos bottle of booze to show up at a gathering since the end of prohibition.

As for the wine itself, man…wine words are hard, but here goes. You get the satisfying dankness of berries with toasty notes in the nose, followed by some cherry and plum on the palate. It has a long, silky finish that gives you just enough time to soak in what an absolutely bonkers 19 months or so it’s been.

So whatever you’re planning this holiday season, this bottle will pair with it perfectly. Cheers to you all.

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