2-Piece StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer Set (1 Large, 1 Small)

  • We sell a lot of storage containers
  • Those storage containers and their lids can get easily disorganized
  • These things can organize those things
  • (The lids, not the containers themselves)
  • With over 31,000 reviews at a 4.6-star average, these are probably pretty great
  • Their favorite theory of Freud’s: the lid, the ego, and the superego
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Get Organized

“Leroy,” said the supervillain, “you have something to share with me?”

“Yes,” Leroy said, entering the innermost chamber of the lair. “I wanted to give you an update on Project Containment.”

“Excellent,” said the supervillain reclining in his chair. “Proceed.”

“Well, we’ve had a lot of success,” Leroy said. “We had no problem setting up the deal-a-day ecommerce site as you directed.”

“Good,” said the supervillain.

“And we did as you told us to do,” Leroy said. “We sold food storage containers at regular intervals, not so frequently as to arouse suspicion, but often enough–and at steep enough discounts–for consumers to accrue quite a large collection of said containers and their lids.”

“Great,” said the supervillain.

“And so we have it on good authority,” Leroy went on, “that there are a large number of people who have pantries and closets overflowing with storage container lids.”

“Fantastic,” said the supervillain. “So, we’re ready. For the final phase.”

“That’s where things get a little dicey,” Leroy said. “I know the original plan was to clutter everyone’s homes with so many storage container lids that individuals would be willing to spend a billion dollars on an organizer for them, or even perhaps bequeath onto you a position of great worldly power in exchange for one. But our studies show that even those with the most mismatched collection of storage lids aren’t willing to pay that price.”

The supervillain sits forward. “How much will they pay?”

Leroy checked his notes. “Fifteen dollars. For two of them. One large, one small.”

“Huh,” said the supervillain. “What about the position of power option?”

“Well,” Leroy said. “If you think about it, you are technically the CEO of an online retailer.”

“Good point!” the supervillain said. “That is certainly a worthy position of power! As long as said retailer is widely respected and features a name one can be proud of.”

Leroy looked down at his feet. “Oh, yeah. Sure. Totally,” he said.

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