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2-Pack: Xtreme Power Rotating Wireless Charger with 2 USB Ports

  • The pad charges
  • The pad rotates
  • The pad lifts
  • The ports also charge
  • And you get 2 of them
  • So! Much! Charge!
  • Model: CH4RL35-0N-CH4R63
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Free Up That Worry Energy

The first thing they did was make the charging cable simpler. Like, do you remember how bulky and weird those old 30-pin iPhone connectors were? There was too much that could get damaged, too much that could go wrong. A more compact cable end made everything easier.

Shortly after that, they got rid of cables altogether with Qi-enabled charging pads. No more plugging in. Now, you could simply put your device down on a special surface and it would start charging. Great, right? Of course. But still, there were issues. Like, for example, what if you needed to read something or watch something while your phone charged. Were you going to stand there for however long it took, staring straight down?

Thus, these Xtreme Rotating Qi Wireless Chargers are basically the culmination of all phone-charging innovations in one place. You can set your phone down. Or you can prop it up. You can rotate it. And if your phone isn’t Qi-enabled, you can plug it into one of the two USB ports. In other words, it’s the only charger you’ll need (until they invent charging clouds).

And really, this is all about peace of mind. You can set your adjustable charging pad up on the counter and scroll through a recipe without any concern your phone is going to die, which thus allows you to reroute the energy you’d usually reserve for worrying to something more productive.

Like, for example, marveling over how this recipe that calls for you to cut up four chicken breasts, mince six cloves of garlic, dice two onions, clean and chop a leak, cube three potatoes, and de-bone a swordfish has an apparent prep time of “five minutes.” I mean, c’mon! Who is clocking this stuff? Geoffrey Zakarian and a team of ten CIA sous chefs? (And that’s Culinary Institute, btw, not Central Intelligence.) Seriously, that shit’s going to take you what? Twenty minutes? A half-hour? An entire hour? And really, doesn’t this actually speak to your moral superiority? After all, it’s not a damn race. It’s dinner. Which is to say nothing about the Zen-like calm that accompanies taking your sweet time to complete a task. You’re basically a kitchen monk, if you think about it.

See! That’s one of the things you can use your energy contemplating instead of worrying about whether or not your phone’s going to die before you even get to step two!

Thanks Xtreme!

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