2-Pack: Whistler FlexiGlo Work Lights

  • Bendy cool little lights for doing some work
  • Or not doing any work; you could also leave them in your car or hang them in your closet
  • 126 lumens when all lit up, but you can also light up one row or set it to safety strobe
  • Model: WFG-21, which stands for “Whoa! Fucking great!” (said sincerely)
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The Basics

What can you do when you’re always home? Some home improvement, that’s what!

After all, it’s time. Time to finally pull up that old carpet and paint the basement floor and refinish the deck and really get those container gardens going and maybe put some new shelves up in the kitchen.

But why? You could use all that time around the house to do way more enjoyable things, so why would you choose any of these grueling projects?

The answer to that depends on how honest you’re willing to be. To others (and maybe even to yourself) you probably say it’s because you want to make your home a nicer place to live.

But let’s be honest, the real reason you’re so dead set on taking on a few extra house projects is much simpler. Every new HGTV-style undertaking means you can justify the accrual of some really stupid, hyper-specialized gear.

A blade? Specifically for cutting through shag carpeting? With a nice, ergonomic memory foam grip? Add to cart.

Some special synthetic stones that 1,431 Amazon reviewers agree are a must have for fire pit construction? Add to cart.

A smart stud finder? As in, a stud finder that connects to an app? So you and your friends can share in the joy of each others’ varying levels of stud-finding success? Add to cart.

All of that’s great. Like, seriously, our entire site is built upon human beings’ desire to acquire goofy shit.

Still, it’s important not to forget the basics. You probably need a hammer. You probably need a screw driver. And you probably need some damn light. Which is what you get with this 2-pack Whistler FlexiGlo Work Lights. They’re cool and bendable and put out 126 lumens (fully illuminated), so they can light up whatever you need, wherever it is. Plus they’ve each got a magnetic base, so they’re easy to mount.

It’s just the thing to have around if you plan on going full-on Chip and Joana Gaines or Bob Villa or the Property Brother who doesn’t wear blazers.

And even if that’s not what you’re interesting in, they’re not bad to have around for when you need a little extra light.

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