4-Pack: Super Bright Zoomable Cree LED Tactical Flashlights

  • 1200 lumens each is a lot of lumens
  • Tactical means they look sorta tough or something?
  • The more flashlights you have, the easier it is to find a flashlight when you need one
  • Takes three AAA batteries or one 18650 battery
  • Can it make margaritas: no, but it can help you find your margarita during a power outage
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There are so many products where people say, “You can never have enough of these!” But with flashlights, it’s actually true.

After all, the more flashlights you have, the more you can spread them out: keep one in the drawer of your bedside table, another in a drawer in the kitchen, or in the glove compartment, or next to the basement stairs, etc. And this is good because, if you need a flashlight, there’s a good chance you’re in the dark, and if you’re in the dark, you don’t want to be trudging all over to find something. You know, because it’s hard to find stuff. In the dark.

And so, these are practical. Also, they’re cheap. You’ll get 4 for $12, meaning just $3 per flashlight!

But here’s the thing, they’re actually an even better deal than that would lead you to believe. Let us explain.

Over on Quick Easy Lighting, we found this very quick and easy-to-understand definition of a lumen:

Lumens is the unit measurement of brightness, with 1 lumen equalling the brightness of 1 candle, so 1000 lumens has the brightness of 1000 candles.

Cool. Only, these flashlights aren’t 1000 lumens. They’re actually about 1200 lumens each. Meaning, you’re getting a total of 4800 lumens. OR 4800 candles worth of power. That means you’re paying a quarter cent per candle-glow.

Now, on Amazon, you can find this 400-pack of tea light candles for $32.97. AKA, a bit over 8 cents per candle, or 32 times the per candle brightness you’re paying for here. And those tea light candles only have a burn time of about 4 hours before they need to be fully replaced. Whereas these flashlights can run a lot longer.

In conclusion, this is all totally logical, the math is entirely correct, and these things are basically free. So buy some.

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