2-Pack: Scrub-It XL Microfiber Bath & Beach Towel for Pets

  • So, they’re pretty big
  • They’re microfiber
  • They’re for pets (but you don’t have to use them for pets)
  • Are they available in Georgia Red: Nope just Wyoming Cowboy brown!
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Pets Optional

These towels are made of ultra-absorbent, durable microfiber that dries quickly. What’s more, they’re huge. How big, you ask? According to Scrub-It, they’re some of “the largest microfiber towels on the market, so even a Great Dane can stay nice and dry.”

Oh, right. Because they’re towels… for pets.

What exactly makes them ‘pet products’? Well, you see, Scrub-It decided to brand them as being for pets, and… that’s it. In other words, they’re just enormous microfiber towels you can do whatever you want with, whether it involves a furry friend or not.

Still, they are very popular in the pet community. In fact, most dog bands and musicians refuse to use anything else when it comes time to dry off after their pre-concert bath. That’s right, these Scrub-It XL pet towels have been used by such luminaries of the canine music scene as:

  • The Labra-Doors
  • Corgi B
  • Björzoi
  • The Beagles
  • Hüskey Dü
  • Neu!foundland
  • The Cockapoolice
  • Spaniel Johnston
  • Shih Tzusie and the Banshees
  • Thom Yorkie
  • Chihua-Wham

Sorry, what did you expect? For us to talk about enormous microfiber towels the whole time? Even the manufacturer had to stretch to come up with stuff to say about these things. Seriously, one of their selling points is: “Easy to fold up and take wherever you go.” Yeah, no shit! They’re TOWELS!

Anyway, point is, they are big huge microfiber towels, so get them if you need them for your pets or whatever else.

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