2-Pack: PogoCam Wearable HD Camera for Glasses

  • Two little cameras that attach to your glasses
  • Take about a hundred pictures (5-megapixel quality) or a thirty-second video (720p)
  • USB-C charging, so it’s got that going for it, which nice
  • Based on your level of craftiness/ingenuity, you could probably get these attached to more than just glasses
  • They do have a magnetic attachment, so there’s some possibilities there.
  • No glasses included
  • Model: P060-C4N-U-60
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Potentially Practical

You ever see a sign posted in a store or business? And it’s, like, really funny? Like, there’s an unintended double entendre or something? And you want to take a photo? But then the person who runs the place is right over there? And you don’t want to be the asshole who’s taking out their phone to snap a pic? Because, that’s kind of rude, right?

Well, these can help with that!

Or what about this: you open your spice drawer and you see you’re out of cumin. And then you make some bread and use the rest of the flour. Later, you drain the last glug of olive oil sautéing some spinach to have as a side for dinner. How do you remember to re-stock that stuff? It’s simple! You just snap a quick picture of the empty spice container, flour bag, and olive oil bottle with your PogoCam! Then once it comes to be grocery shopping time, you download your photos and there’s your list.

Or, I guess you could just open your notes app…

Look, I’m trying to make these seem worth buying, okay? But it’s hard! Sure, in 2001 a tiny camera that attaches easily to a pair of glasses and snaps 100 five-megapixel images or a thirty-second 720p video would blow minds. But today? In 2021? I just don’t know what to tell you.

Which is why we’re offering two of them for $20.

At $10 each, they’re priced to be enjoyed as they should be: as cute little novelty items that you’ll use a few times, forget about, maybe use a few times more, and then eventually hand off to your kids so they can pretend to be spies.

So get a couple if you want. And if you come up with a more practical use for them than we’ve got here, definitely let us know in the comments!

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