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2-Pack of Health and Wellness Relax Toilet Foot Rests

  • Apparently, it’s better to poop in a squatting position
  • This will do that, making your bowel movements more complete and comfortable
  • So, weirdly, our stock of these will come in two different boxes, but they’re the same product
  • So, if your box says something slightly different, don’t worry; it’s what you ordered
  • Model: P00P5-1-D1D-1T-4641N
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You're Pooping Wrong

In honor of this 2-pack of Health and Wellness Relax Toilet Foot Rests (for more complete and comfortable bowel movements) and “Witchy Whiskers” (two hilariously evil cat designs, currently for sale on Mediocritee), we present:

A Potentially Punch-Worthy Pagan Joke!

Thus concludes:

A Potentially Punch-Worthy Pagan Joke!

And don’t forget: these designs are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!

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