2-Pack: Odyssey Toys Remote Control Bumper Cars

  • Two bumper cars with riders that eject when you bump into each other
  • One works on 27mhz, the other 49mhz
  • (That means you can only use two of them at a time)
  • Are they Mac-compatible: Well, they’re silly and fun and not very self-serious, so no
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Bump Day

Here’s what you get: a two-pack of RC bumper car toys. One works on 27mhz, the other 49mhz. In other words, you can only use two at a time. Hence, packaging them like this. You drive them around and bump into each other, causing the rider figurines to be ejected.

And that’s it. That’s all there is to it. And you know what, we like that!

Seriously, every video game now opens with a forty-five-minute cut scene that you actually need to watch in order to know what to do. And have you been do a board game night recently? The host will ask, “Have you ever played this?” And if you say “No,” (or, honestly, even if you say, “Yeah, once or twice!”) you’ll see shoulders slump around the table, because your newness has ensured a protracted explanation of the rules followed by gameplay punctuated with frequent pauses as people attempt to explain what you do next.

These bumper cars? They harken back to a simpler time. A time when games like Sorry or Aggravation ruled the table. What made those games so fun? Chaos, that’s what. The designers built all the games’ mechanisms with pure havoc in mind. The more crowded the field, the more potential there will be for stuff to go sideways. Pieces knocked off a space or two from safety! Alliances formed! Revenge enacted! Destruction across the board opening the door for a player with no one home for most of the game to pull out a surprise victory thanks to a few lucky draws/rolls!

And even then, those games don’t totally compare to these things. Because they have goals. They have intricate rules and criteria for winning.

The bumper cars, though? No rules. No intricate criteria for winning. Players don’t follow any path through the fracas to emerge victorious. They just bump into each other. Chaos, in other words, is not a feature of the game; chaos is the game.

So get a pair of them, and enjoy some good old fashion chaotic fun!

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