2-Pack: Men's Members Only Lounge or Pajama Pants

  • A pair of super soft pajamas quite a bit nicer than typical pajama pants
  • A pair of lounge pants or jogger style lounge pants
  • Great pattern options or black & grey standards
  • Both feature pockets and are ready for chillin’
  • Here is a size chart
  • Yes, you can pair these with a coat and tie (if it’s a video meeting).
  • Complete your effortless lounge look over at Mediocritee!
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Unconventionally Stylish

So there’s this odd niche in the pantheon of celebrity male sexiness. Every once in a while, the whole world will pick some guy who looks like your old math teacher or the dude behind the counter at the gas station and be like, YES IT IS DECIDED, THIS IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE RIGHT NOW.

We’re not talking Jason Momoa or George Clooney here. It’s these other guys that seem less like they’re actually super handsome and more like they figured out how to hack some algorithm in the sexiness source code.

Don’t expect us to name names here and start a bunch of controv—Adam Driver, Adrian Brody, Don Cheadle, Seth Rogan, Paul Giamatti.

Sorry about that. Also Paul Rudd, Shia LaBoeuf and Justin Bieber when he had that little mustache.

But anyway, you guys were asking about pants (right?). Today’s deal includes pajama pants that can help you achieve whatever pajama-adjacent look you’re going for, from accidentally handsome and hanging out with your sexy friends on a Saturday morning to genuinely sloppy and hanging out with a mixing bowl full of breakfast cereal on a Thursday afternoon.

So let’s run through these, starting with the minky fleece. Sure, these are pajama pants. But just like the distinction between Dax Shepard and the dad in the carpool line who wears a short sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve shirt, the differences are subtle but meaningful—a nice drawstring waist, ample pockets, a button fly—all the little touches that can let you get away with a PJ look, even if it’s for something like an at-home brunch with the in-laws.

Next up, let’s talk cotton jersey joggers. You shouldn’t wear these to brunch. But you could totally be wearing them when someone shows up unexpectedly and not feel like you need to go put on jeans. Maybe even appropriate for a low-stakes errand, like the post office. They have tapered legs and a drawstring. Totally acceptable for public consumption.

And finally, if all of the above seems like it’s trying to take your most slothful lounging to an overly fastidious place, enter the lounge pants—baggy straight leg, slovenly elastic waistband, generally blobby styling. These are for solo time. Unless you happen to be A-list handsome, you’re not going to look good in these in public. But they’re unapologetically comfy and perfect for around the house.

So you’ve got options, is what we’re saying.

Get yourself some unconventionally stylish pajama pants and look inexplicably appealing, like your dog after a haircut or Steve Buscemi at a wedding. Or some joggers that won’t embarrass you if you run into the neighbor while checking the mail. Or lounge pants, where what happens once you’re wearing them is your business and yours alone.

Choose wisely.

(Or just pick some. Pajama pants are pretty low stakes if we’re being honest.)

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