Frankenstein Day


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In honor of the birth of Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley on August 30, 1797, today is Frankenstein Day.

Dr. Frankenstein’s creation was a mish-mosh (or monster mash) of questionably-sourced parts. Mehtizens know the concept well, considering that an IRK is a Frankensteinian swag bag and a Pitney-Bowes itinerary is such a collection of odd turns that it could well have been thought up by the monster himself.

I suggest we keep the “eclectic parts” theme by celebrating in a myriad of ways:
– Posting favorite Frankenstein gifs etc.
– Writing Frankenstein haiku.
– Having a bit to say about Frankie’s mother, Mary Shelley herself.
– Commenting on your favorite Frankenstein-based work or character.

NOT suggested:
– Setting fire to windmills.
– Playing “throw flowers into the water” with neighborhood children.