Thanksgoating - Day nineteen. Say cheese

capnjb thought this was worth mentioning said

I like photography. I have some decent equipment and I take a lot of pictures. The problem is I would rarely go back and revisit them. But since my thing, I do a lot of introspection. And going through old images is pretty good for my headspace. I try to do it about once a month. My photos are organized by year, so I’ll just pick a random year and spend 15 minutes or so with photos I had forgotten about. I print out four or five, and those go on the fridge until they are replaced the following month. I’m glad that I started doing it.

Today I am thankful for capturing memories and remembering them.

So today, the nineteenth of Goatvember, I’m going to share nineteen random images with no context. I’ll break it up into several posts so there isn’t one obnoxious giant one.

If you would like context about any of the photos, ask away. I’m an open book.