2-Pack: LitezAll Rechargable 360° Dimmable 3000-Lumen COB LED Lanterns

  • They look old, but get this: they’re new!
  • Dimmable from 3000 to 180 lumens
  • Each one has a 4000mAh internal battery to charge your phone and things
  • Are they Mac compatible: No, they’re way too fun and stylish to be Mac compatible (but they will charge your iPhone)
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Light Up, Charge Up

They look cool and retro, but they’re actually pretty modern. Here’s what they do: they provide light and charge. The charge part is because they each have a built-in 4000mAh powerbank. The light part is because… well… uhh… they’re lanterns.

I.e. they’re the perfect camping companion!

And yes, we’re closing in on the end of camping season in a lot of places. But it’ll come around again next year. In the meantime, you can use these for hanging out on the deck this fall. After all, the days are getting shorter, but the temperatures haven’t gotten so low that you can’t enjoy sitting outside late into the evening. And a couple good lanterns will provide some nice illumination while you do!

For example, maybe you want to enjoy a late dinner outside without eating in the dark. These would be perfect for that, especially if said dinner features some light food. And no, we’re not talking about things that are small or low in calories. We mean food cooked with light or a component of a light fixture, like:

  • A blumen onion
  • Lamp shank with filament jelly
  • Beef bulb-gogi
  • A wattercress salad
  • Chicken cord-on bleu
  • Switch chard
  • Halo-halogen
  • VermiceLED noodles

What we’re saying is, these lanterns will provide great ambiance whether you’re enjoying some shine dining or taking a few Edi(son)bles.

Are these good puns? No. If you buy some lanterns, will we stop making such terrible puns? Also no.

But you should buy them anyway.

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