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2-for-Tuesday: Lightvise Multipurpose Clamp-On LED Lights

  • Grip tight, light bright
  • Attach them to a broom and now you can night-sweep without turning the lights on
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  • This may or may not arrive by Christmas
  • Model: V153-C0LD
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Will They or Won't They

Will these arrive by Christmas?

We don’t know.

Seriously, that’s our official answer. Without a fleet of drones and enough money to literally force a federal agency to do what we want when we want it, we can’t be totally sure that these things will arrive on time. And we’re sorry about that.

The real question is, do you want it to arrive by Christmas?

That might seem stupid to even ask. It’s a 2-pack of light things that you can clamp on to a shovel or broom or whatever so you’ll have no problem getting work done regardless of the light situation. In other words, it’s the perfect weird little gift that nobody asks for but anyone could use. Of course you want it to arrive by Christmas!

But consider this: it’s not super exciting. Or, to put it differently, it’s more of a ‘huh’ gift than a ‘oh, wow’ gift. And with all the other more interesting things people are unwrapping that morning, a little utility tool will definitely get lost in the fray. Later in the week, though, when it’s not in competition with various high profile gadgets, it might seem more fun, and thus might in turn extend the feeling of Christmas merriment past the 25th!

Unless, of course, you mention that there’s one more present coming. That’ll make it especially disappointing, later in the week, when they tear away the wrapping paper and find a couple lights to help them, what? Sweep during a power outage? Even if you stress that it’s nothing too cool, their interest will still be piqued. So it goes with surprises.

And if you’re buying it for yourself, the preference is equally fraught. Do you want to be the person who buys themselves a gift right before Christmas? Or do you want a reminder–after a few days of rest, relaxation, and jubilation–that there’s work to be done in the dark, cold winter months ahead?

So, again, it’s hard to tell which would be better: before or after Christmas. But don’t worry! You don’t have to know! Because it’s not up to you! Or us! Happy holidays, everyone!

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