The Merry Month of Meh-Mas-Day 12,13 Teenage Birthday Edition


Well it’s that time of year again, it’s the day we celebrate the first time I found out that antibiotic eye drops for pink eye made the birth control pill ineffective. Who knew? Not me, not our family doctor, and thus we have a child that turns 13 on the 18th and today we celebrate that birthday for a few reasons. 1. Her birthday is mid week this year and no one wants a party on Wednesday

/giphy I like to party

  1. The 18th is a day after the vasectomy and my plan remains to sit on my butt with a bag of frozen peas playing as many video games as I can. So the wife has been nice and grabbed Links Awakening and a few other games.

So tonight is the day our lovely daughter becomes a teenager and the world ends. 8 kids are coming for the party to craft watch movies and do other crap. Why god are we letting them have a sleep over? Oh well the world will continue.

The tank is getting water today, I drilled the overflow yesterday which was fun, nothing like drilling two 3” holes in glass.

Fish arrive tomorrow as the water is heated cycled and ready.

So here is the question, what was your favorite TV show growing up?


/giphy darkwing duck

/giphy tailspin

More importantly what fun should I cause during my daughters party?

Lastly what the heck is with the items? Meh it’s time for an IRK. Make my Vasectomy Great Again.