2-Pack: JVC Wireless 15W Rubberized Charging Pads

  • 3 coils for a good charge across each pad
  • Rubberized with a lip to keep your phone in place
  • Pretty inexpensive and from a brand you’ve heard of
  • How do they celebrate the technology of yesteryear: they don’t so if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe check out Mediocritee
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Where The Rubber Meets The Phone

Why do you need a charging pad with a rubberized surface and a lip?

Maybe you work at a drafting table all day, and you don’t have any other surfaces in your office, and you don’t want to set your charging pad on your floor because that feels obscene, so you need something that’ll charge your phone even at a slight angle. Although, this assumes the pad itself wouldn’t slide…

What about: you’ve tried WFH. Now it’s time to take it up a notch. WFT. Work from trampoline! Except, a rubberized surface and a lip won’t keep the whole unit from bouncing…

Okay, how about this: you have a dirt room in your basement. You know, like one of those rooms that has no floor except, well, packed dirt. And you were moving some boxes into it and you happened to scuff the floor, unearthing a piece of gold. So now there’s a major dig operation happening beneath you, which means jackhammering the part of your basement that has a normal cement floor. Your house is gonna be shaking, and it would be a shame if some of the jackhammer vibrations happened to shift your phone off the charging pad you had it on, right?

In that case, you’d be smart to have one with a rubberized surface and a lip to keep your phone in place.

Real talk: this is the exact kind of design feature that you need to justify when you’re selling one of these things for $25. But we are selling 2 of them for $16. So our sales pitch can just be: they’re charging pads.

Well, okay, fine, we can do a slightly better job than that.

They’re made by a brand you’ve actually heard of, so that’s nice. Plus, whether you use the rubberized surface/lip, it looks pretty cool and rugged. Also: each one has three charging coils, so you don’t have to line anything up perfectly just to get a charge.

See! They’re good! And we’re selling them for $8 per pad. So get a couple! Or, hell, for that price, why not buy 6?

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