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2-Pack: Juku STEAM Kits (Music+Light Show OR Car Bots +Light Games)

  • You get 2-sets: either music and light show, or cars and light games
  • Just some fun toys
  • Yep, toys indeed!
  • Are your kids gone yet?
  • Okay, great: they actually teach coding and all sorts of other skills
  • Model: JUKU-R34LLY-W4NT-2-HURT-M3
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Learning In Secret

I remember once, when I was a kid, going over to a friend’s house for the afternoon, booting up his family’s big clunky HP desktop, and playing a game for hours. In it, we assumed the role of a crazed monster who prowled a board searching for food while a couple of announcers observed our progress, gave us new directives and clues, and generally made wise cracks. It was delightful!

And what was even more delightful? When I went home, I asked my parents if we could get the game, and they agreed. Like, immediately. No convincing necessary!

It was called Math Munchers and I now see why my parents were not only open to the idea of getting it but eager to do so. It was as much of a “game” as a stick of celery is a snack or washing the dishes is a meditative exercise. But as a kid, I totally fell for it. Although “fell for it” might be harsh. Because while I played Math Munchers, I really did love solving math problems.

Now I’m a lot older. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I might be searching for something like a Math Munchers right about now. Not literally the newest version of the same game I played as a child, but something colorful and fun-looking with a deep dark secret: that it imparts valuable lessons.

And that’s exactly what you get with these Juku STEAM kits. Give them to your kids and next thing you know, they’ll be learning coding basics, and making their own music, or building a car bot, or designing their own games, or programming their own light show. Maybe it’s something you want to do together on the weekend, or maybe you just need to hand them the box and let them go nuts while you finish up some work from the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter. Point is: it’ll be a learning experience that feels like playtime.

And who knows! Maybe your kids will become super high paid genius engineers or programmers later in life. Or maybe their times with the Juku kits will be like mine with Math Munchers, and they’ll enjoy it, take what they need, and go on to work as copywriters or–

Oh, I’m sorry. Please stop crying. I didn’t mean to upset you like that.

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