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2-Pack: Jabra Step Wireless Headphones

  • A 2-pack of very good earbuds for the price of a 2-pack of very bad earbuds
  • Dust and water resistant, so good for running or dust-fighting
  • Here is a good review
  • Here is another
  • Model: J48R4-TH3-HUT
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This Bud's For You

Something we’ve said on the regular here is that you simply cannot have enough earbuds. Whether you spend $300 or $24, whether you use them while running a sweaty 10-miler or put them in for 15 minutes a day to listen to your meditation app, those buds are eventually going to die.

And to be honest, with a fair number of the earbuds we sell, this is the beginning and the end of the sales pitch. “Why not have some extra buds around, in case the ones you’re using crap out?” It’s not that they’re bad. They’re just fine… for backup buds. Or podcasts-around-the-house buds. Or a-little-bit-of-mental-privacy-because-you’re-both-at-home-in-a-one-bedroom-apartment-together-a-lot-more-these-days earbuds.

But these Jabba earbuds? They’re, well, actually pretty good.

At least, that’s according a few reviews. JimsReviewRoom says:

with the bass, its clean in my opinion. With just enough bass to satisfy. There’s just the right amount of thump, and deep bass to make most genre’s enjoyable.

The mid-levels, he says, “are perfectly fine for the average consumer,” and “there’s no tinging or that high pitched ring found on high notes from cheaper earbuds and headsets.”

Absolute Geeks agrees:

The Jabra Step Wireless delivers some impressive sounds for a Bluetooth headset. I only found it to lack a little bass sometimes depending on how sealed tight the earpieces were in ear, but overall acoustics were clear and seemed to deliver the sound quality as it should.

In other words, we’ve got some very solid-to-actually-pretty-great earbuds here!

But wait, you’re probably thinking, every time Meh quotes reviews they make a big deal of pointing out that said reviews were written when the product in question was much more expensive. Are they just going to skip this crucial marketing step today?

Lol, no friggin’ way!

Because if what JimsReviewRoom says is true–“these are very, very good for wireless Bluetooth earbuds priced at just $70”–that would mean they’re incredible for just $24, right? And that’s before you consider this is a 2-pack.

So grab some good buds that will seem like amazing buds because they’re priced like bad buds.

That makes sense. Trust us.

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