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2-Pack: Ideation Truly Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case and Auto Pairing

  • 2 pairs of truly wireless earbuds for cheap
  • Are they good?
  • Folks, unfortunately, we’re out of time and not taking any further questions
  • Model: ID200; say what you will about the quality of the buds, but the quality of this model number? Top notch!
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A Good Review Goes A Long Way

We sold these just before Christmas, and look at what people said:

I am surprised at all the crappy reviews. At home, in my car, and on planes, all my listening is done with Bose products. For $15, I decided to get these just to throw in my bag or keep at work because for $15, I didn’t care if they turned out to be crap. I am actually very presently surprised by how much I like them. Until Bose comes out with their noise-canceling blue tooth earbuds next year, I am enjoying using these at work and being free of wires while I listen to whatever it is I am listening to.

And that was when we sold a single pair for $15! Today, we’ve got two pairs of these Ideation Truly Wireless Earbuds (in rose gold) for just $24!

Now, you might be wondering: what did others think of them? To which we would reply: uhh, excuse us? Are you saying that you don’t believe this user? Are you calling them a liar?

Because honestly, that’s what it sounds like. You don’t trust a reviewer to know good sound when they hear it, even though they make it clear that they use Bose products whenever they can. That’s right: Bose. As in: one of the most trusted, highest quality audio product makers in the world.

Which is all to say, don’t bother reading the other comments. It’ll only be upsetting, because the others will be so lackluster. And by ‘lackluster,’ we don’t mean negative. The content doesn’t matter. We mean the comments themselves will be lackluster when placed next to the superior quality of this one.

And btw, the single typo in it only makes it more superior, if you ask us, because why else would someone slip up and say “presently” rather than “pleasantly” if they were not currently in a rush, likely to their next big meeting wherein they will score a huge payout for some humongous business deal, thus allowing them to purchase a new pair of Bose headphones (or, like, 200 pairs of these)?

The point is: let’s just trust they know what they’re saying and buy these earbuds without further exploring how other users have responded to them. Can we all agree on that.


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