2-Pack: Hussell 30-Watt Dual USB Car Chargers with QuickCharge 3.0

  • USB 3.0 charges stuff fast
  • 2 ports mean you can charge 2 things (that’s a little thing we call ‘counting’)
  • And you get 2 of them! So 4 ports total!
  • Won’t overcharge your stuff or overheat
  • Can it make a margarita: Oh, totally. Wait, what was the question? Can this thing charge your phone?
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The Drive

It’s time to drive to grandma’s house. A beautiful drive, really… in the fall. In the winter, it’s winding roads through a skeletal army of trees backlit by gray skies, with each turn potentially bringing a snow drift or, worse, some black ice.

But don’t worry! The drive is only four hours. That is if you don’t get stuck behind some dingus driving thirty miles per hour under the speed limit at all times except when there’s a passing zone, at which point they suddenly realize what the pedal on the right is for.

Your son is in the backseat on his tablet, playing a game. You asked him what it was called as you started the drive.

Guts Squad,” he said.

“Oh, that sounds interesting,” you said. “What do you do in it?”

“You’re a super soldier who collects guts,” he said as if this should be self-explanatory.

At that point, his sister removed one of her earbuds, leaned over to look at his screen, and said, simply, “Wow, that’s gross.”

You’re not sure she’s one to talk. She listens to a steady stream of grizzly true crime podcasts, each one packed with the kind of salacious details that earn the little ‘E’ for explicit content next to the title. Although, she debates this claim.

“It’s an ‘E’ for ‘exceptional investigative journalism,’ actually,” she says whenever you raise concern about whether these are really appropriate for a fourteen-year-old to be listening to.

Your spouse, meanwhile, after confirming order within the vehicle, asked if it’d be okay to take a short nap. It’d been so stressful getting everything together for this trip, after all. A little shut-eye on the way to see the in-laws might do some good. You said, “Okay, sure,” and without any hesitation, the earbuds went in, the meditation app went on, the eyelids closed, and you felt certain they would not reopen until your tires met the harsh gravel of grandma’s unpaved driveway.

And you know what? This is good. Because you can focus on driving. Not arguing. Not calculating your ETA for impatient children. Not breaking up fights. In fact, you want to make sure to maintain this environment of distracted quiet for the entire drive, and the drive home too. Which means making sure you have the gear to charge everyone’s devices.

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