2-Pack: CobaltX Wireless Charging Pad With Digital LED Clock

  • 2 little power-circles for charging Qi-enabled devices
  • They’ve also got clocks on them, because, hey, why not
  • Built-in smart IC technology to make sure your phone doesn’t overcharge
  • Model: WC1800, because it’s Way Cooler than anything from 1800
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Time To Sell

Okay, here’s the sales pitch:

First–and we’ve been over this a few times before, when we’ve sold other charging pads–the act of plugging in your phone isn’t very hard. But the act of keeping your phone plugged in? Entirely different story.

After all, you’ve been conditioned to use your phone for everything: communication, research, recreation, etc. So, it’s totally possible that a minute after you plug it in you unplug it again to get a recipe or something. Then, instead of plugging it back in, you lay it down on the counter and it dies.

But here’s the thing, with these CobaltX Wireless Charging Pads, what you just did–lay it down on a flat surface–is actually the equivalent of plugging it in! Put it down on the pad? It charges. Can’t you see the brilliance of it? You can just do the thing you’d naturally do–set it down–and get the result you want–a not dead phone.

And yet, there are other times when picking up your phone is the wrong thing to do. Like, when you’re settling into bed with your book and you just need some screen-free time before going to sleep. But then you check your phone just to see what time it is, and muscle memory takes over, and now you’re checking your email and reading the news and seeing if anyone posted anything fun on Instagram and–

Well, you get it.

The point is, this can help with that, too. Because it’s got a built-in clock. So, when all you want to know is the time, you don’t have to pick up your phone and risk falling into a digital rabbit hole.

Are we selling you?


Okay, what about this: you get 2 of them for $29.


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