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2-Pack: BUQU Nade 3350mAh Grenade Power Banks with Carabiner

  • Just a couple little 3350 mAh power banks that’ll each charge a smartphone once…
  • Yup…
  • Nothing much else to say…
  • Fine. They’re shaped like friggin’ grenades and come with carabiners.
  • Model: BQBGDPK. Rare to see a model number… with no numbers.
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Blowing Up Our (Shirt) Spot

So they’re each a 3350mAh power bank, which means one is capable of giving most smartphones a single full charge. And they’re small and come with carabiners, so they’re portable as hell.

That about covers it, right?

Okay, fine. we’ll address the elephant in the room: they’re pink, and they’re shaped like grenades.

Why, you might ask?

We don’t know. We didn’t design the things. We’re just selling a 2-pack of them for $12. And if you’re like, why are you selling 2 of them for $12? that one’s easy: it’s because they’re pink, and they’re shaped like grenades.

But let’s unpack what’s really going on here. Like, what is this product trying to say? We’ll start by addressing the grenade aspect. What is a grenade, exactly? It’s a thing that makes an explosion. That part is simple enough.

Now, let’s take a look at the color pink: what do we think when see it? We think, it’s vibrant. We think, it’s in-your-face. We think, it’s cute and it’s playful and fun.

In other words, what we have here is an explosion of cuteness and vibrantly playful fun.

And when you put it like that, you start to wonder: whoa, are these the official power banks of Mediocritee? Because isn’t that what Mediocritee provides, really? A super fun, super cute, super vibrant set of designs that explode into our lives every Monday? Sometimes one that’s totally original, and other times one that (like this week’s set) continues a series that spans nearly 20 previous designs?

Oh, was that not your first thought? Well, it was ours, given that we run Mediocritee.

Anyway, you better get yourself a 2-pack of goofy power banks. And while you’re at it, consider buying a couple goofy Ninja shirts too. That’s over at Mediocritee.

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