2-Pack Bright Basics Universal Clip-On LED Glasses Light

  • Light that you clip on your glasses
  • Angle can be adjusted
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A Multifarious Mehrathon Mystery

The thing was seven feet tall, its back covered in a patchwork of blonde, brown, and black hair. It stood on two legs, ending in rough cloven hooves. Its body was misshapen and lumpy, a melted mass of plastic. On top of the thing, there was a goat-like head covered in small painted eyes. Several stubby arms sprouted from the forehead to create a twisted facsimile of horns. It cried out again, tiny limbs across the body bristling out over the throat.

Irk pulled back around the corner as fast as he could. He swore under his breath, “What hell is that thing?”

Joe looked at the floor in contemplation. “I think it’s mine.”

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