2-Pack: Boogie Board VersaTiles LCD Memo Boards

  • Basically dry erase boards from the future.
  • Draws like a marker. Erases like magic.
  • We’re going to send you two. Only two. (Unless you order more.)
  • Does it make margaritas? It’ll make a grocery list for margaritas.
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Let’s Boogie.

Okay, people. Let’s try this again.

The last time we offered these they generated a metric crap-ton of discussion, mostly about how each of you would “almost” buy these. And needless to say, “almost” buying things doesn’t “pay” our “bills” around here, so let’s have a chat, hmm?

First up, longtime user heartny. You’re up. Last time we had a four-pack and you asked for a two-pack. Boom. All major credit cards accepted. Who’s next?

Euniceandrich. How’s it going? Let’s see what you had to say.

So no selective erasing, like white boards allow. When it comes time to erase one mistake, the whole screen disappears and you start over?

Oh, c’mon. Is this a real concern? These are for leaving your roommate a note or maybe drawing one of those cool “S” things from middle school. You’re not writing your post-grad thesis on here. Glad we had this talk. Please remember to share the giphy in the comments after you order.

What else do we have from last time…

That’s a pretty neat circular calendar thingy bottom right corner. Sell some of those!

If only, qazxto. If only. Let us know if you find one somewhere. And by one, we mean a few hundred. Either way, commenting on background filler products hurts our feelings.

Moving on.

These are pretty cool. We’ve had a smaller one in the past as a doodle pad for our daughter. But I definitely don’t have any need for four of them.

Well, that’s an interesting perspective, The_Tim, but you say you “had” a smaller one “in the past” for your daughter. But it seems like you don’t anymore. So maybe you DID need four after all, eh? Let’s meet in the middle and send you two, shall we? Just type /buy down there in the comments after you’re done feeling weird for being called out publicly about your boogie board buying habits.

Are we making any progress here?

Because these things are fantastic.

You write on them with the pen (or with anything else, really) and it’ll stay there all cool and bright until you use the back of the pen to erase everything in an instant by booping the corner. That means you won’t delete your stuff by accident but you can still reuse the board endlessly with the touch of a button.

It’s a very cool thing to have. And heck…maybe you’re right and four was overkill. But two seems reasonable, yeah?

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