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2-Pack: Asobu Chill 10oz Wine Tumblers

  • Fill them with ice water, and they’ll chill your wine.
  • Fill them with water and freeze it, and they’ll maybe crack.
  • So, uhh… don’t do that. No matter what anyone tells you.
  • Model: W1N3-TH3-601N6-63T5-T0U6H.
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Don't Freeze Them

Let’s cover this right here at the top: the copy on the Amazon page says,

“The Chill Vino-2-Go is a 10-ounce tumbler with a triple wall ice chilling system that allows you to chill your wine with ice cold water. Simply fill with water up to the marked line and place upside down in the freezer for up to 2 hours.”

But we are here to tell you: DON’T ACTUALLY DO THAT! Because that might break the cup. What you should actually do–and this is from the manufacturer, not just made up–is turn it upside down and fill it with ice water. That way it won’t crack while it keeps your wine chilled for hours and hours, even if you’re spending the day outside in the sun.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, Cold wine? Why would I want that? Because you’re not out here sipping some sweet white. No, you only drink big, bold reds. Like, for example, the Merlot from Martin Ray Winery. It’s super delicious, though it can be a bit pricey… unless you head over to Casemates. Every day, they sell a different wine in two different quantities–anywhere from a bottle or two to a full case–and today they happened to be offering the aforementioned Martin Ray Merlot at a steep discount. Maybe go check it out?

But, wait, we’ve gotten off topic. What were we talking about? Oh, right! If, perchance, you enjoy the hefty reds, you likely don’t want your wine to be cold. Well, good news: all you need to do is not add the ice water and you’ve got yourself a good red-ready vessel.

But maybe add some cold water if you’re drinking outside and it’s super hot; like, there’s a difference between wine that isn’t chilled and wine that is nearly boiling. Although, maybe if it’s that hot out, the question should be: why are you drinking something so thick? You wouldn’t bring a thermos of frozen margaritas ice-fishing, right?

We’re losing the thread here a bit. To recap: get these wine tumblers and fill them with delicious merlot from Casemates.

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